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At The Gym

p>A girl like me has to stay fit, but those machines are so tedious.  Today I was alone at the little gym I go to, so I thought I’d make it a bit more interesting.  Watch the interesting uses I can find for those weight machines.  I get just as physical as normal, but I know you’ll agree that these pictures make my workout look a little more fun than just pumping away, though I think you’ll be doing a little pumping of your own when you see the whole set over at Susana Spears where things heat up a lot more.  I know you want to go see how creative I got in the gym.


There are all kinds of props we use when doing photos and video, but sometimes you just come upon something awesome.  In the back of a room full of studio junk, there were these columns turned over and plants all over.  It looked like a deserted island back there.  I thought I’d take some sheer lingerie and have fun with it.  After all, sex doesn’t have to be serious.  After a little time playing around, I stopped being silly and started getting sexy.  You’ll have to go to Susana Spears to see all these pictures.

Sexy Stockings

I love wearing stockings.  They remind me of old, sexy French novels with all their mystery, intrigue, and graphic sex.  There’s always a woman of mystery with plenty of secrets and just as much sex appeal.  Stockings seem to be perfect for that look, partly because there’s nothing covering anything above my thighs, which means not wrestling with pantyhose.  Watch me play the woman of mystery, stripping out of lingerie.   The real mystery is what I’ll do once the clothes are off.  Do I have a mysterious stranger waiting for me?  You’ll have to go to Susana Spears to find out.


I know all of you guys have fantasized about having a hot secretary at your beck and call.  That’s how I know you’ll love these sexy photos of me in thigh high black stockings, a red lace thong, and white shirt.  If you want to see what else I do for you in these photos, they are over at Susana Spears !


I love vamping it up a little with long straight black hair and a skin tight black dress.  Even better is peeling the dress off while you guys watch.  I’m letting out my dark, seductive side in these photos, so check the rest of them out at Susana Spears .